Progressive Dinner; Progressive Dreaming

“There were several things that made last night a success, in my mind. The range and variety of the practices that we visited allowed us to see how customizable a career in dentistry truly is.”

These are the words from one of the 20 mostly third year UMKC students who participated in a special event hosted by the Greater Kansas City Dental Society. Progressing into the Future was designed to show our soon to be dentists that there are several approaches to a successful and fulfilling career in the profession.

The students rode a bus from stop to stop while I promoted MDA offerings and gave away prizes for correct answers to easy questions. The bus made three stops at dental practices in Liberty.

We had appetizers at No Pain Jane, the office of Dr. Jane Grove. We progressed to the main course at Highland Dental where Dr. Kip Klein does sedation dentistry. And we finished with dessert at Dr. Douglas Triplett’s Dental.

At each stop the host dentist did a fabulous job detailing the why behind their professional choices and showing off the pros of their office setting. Students got to interact with the equipment and ask fairly pointed questions that received candid answers. You could just see the wheels turning as they projected what their career may look like. Also at each stop we had a brief presentation by one of the sponsors who are so essential to making events like this happen. Plus they have some swag for the students to take home.

I can’t recap all the questions and differences of each office but I do salute Drs. Grove, Klein, Triplett and Evans for extending their day and throwing open their doors to welcome their future colleagues. Their sincerity, kindness, and class were excellent representations of the profession.

I also salute our generous and informed sponsors for their time and support: Benco Dental, HinrichsZenk +Pesavento, LLC MDIS. And finally, I tip my hat to the organizers, Dr. Melynda Meredith and Dr. Prabu Raman and GKCDS Exec Sam Silvey.

It really was organized dentistry working in tandem with members and sponsor to pave the way for future practitioners. One final word from the student:

“Several of us were talking today about how much fun we had and how lucky we are to have had the opportunity to go. Thank you all again for a fun and educational evening.”



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