Uphill to History

The Dental Well Being Foundation promotes total health each year at the House of Delegates by sponsoring a fitness walk. Today fifteen eager participants joined me for a walk into history. Our 1 mile journey led us by the original Jefferson City High School built in 1905. After some hill climbing, we made it to our destination at the heart of the Lincoln University campus. We were met by Adarian (sp?), a sophomore from Virginia who loves history and is involved with ROTC. He gave an informed and interesting summary of Lincoln’s history as a school for training free African Americans after the Civil War. In fact, Lincoln was founded just one year after the Missouri Dental Association. After photos in the quad, we headed to the Archives located in the beautiful campus library. There we learned more history and saw some interesting artifacts including a registry with the name of a 14 year old girl who attended the school in 1892 and a biography signed by Harriet Tubman. It was a wonderful experience and we thank Lincoln and Adarian for their cooperation.
Thanks to all who got out, got some exercise, learned something, made some new friends, and supported the Dental Well Being Foundation. As a reward, they each got an exclusive, hot off the press DWBF t-shirt that is not available in stores. Wear it with pride!


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