World Champion Chaos

Someday every KC Royal fan will claim to have been at the parade celebrating their World Series Championship. I will not question their claim. Yesterday’s festivities were insane, and it had to be the biggest crowd I have ever been in during my 54 years on the planet.

I had to be in town for a MOMOM meeting that evening, so why not come early and check out the celebration? Why not? Here’s why – traffic jams, parking mayhem, mosh pit crowds, children and strollers everywhere, no facilities, no chance at seeing much and long lines at every public business. Still, it was worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Perhaps the best photos and recap are in this story from the Washington Post. My little photos do not adequately capture the joyful crowd and ensuing stampede as people fled to find food, bathrooms and a “jump on the traffic”.

I found a measure of redemption and surprise when after waiting 45 minutes for a table as a party of one at Teocali’s, I told the hostess to feel free to seat someone else at my table. Through the luck of the draw, the couple that sat down with me was Dr. Sara Walls, a periodontist from Lee’s Summit. She and her husband Curtis were very kind, and we had no problem passing the time as we waited for food and watched the rally on TV.

After being revived with food and beverage, I rallied for the MOMOM meeting. All went well, and thankfully, traffic had subsided by the time I headed home.

It was a memorable day on several levels. “Let’s Go Royals!”


IMG_5516  IMG_5518

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