History in the Making

Do you know anyone that is 150 years old? I bet they could tell some stories of how life changes over the years. Well, today is the MDA’s 150th birthday. As we light the candles and celebrate, let’s peel back the history pages and peek into the labor and delivery room. The excerpt below is from “Dedicated to Dentistry: 150 Years of Advocacy, Education and Leadership, The Story of the Missouri Dental Association 1865-2015”.

At 10 a.m. on October 31, 1865 a group of about sixty dentists convened at the Church of New Jerusalem’s hall above Catlin’s Drug Store at the corner of Sixth and St. Charles Streets in downtown St. Louis. Over the course of two days, they would discuss pressing issues pertaining to the occupation—the vulcanization of rubber, inflammation of the dental periosteum and “fang filling,” to name a few. They also would draft a constitution. When the meeting finally adjourned on the evening of November 1, thirty-six dentists had each paid $1 in dues for the privilege of becoming a member of the newly chartered Missouri State Dental Association.

How do you celebrate such a milestone? I have two suggestions. First, watch this blog for a recap of the sold out 150th anniversary dinner at the House of Delegates in two weeks. Second, make sure you pre-order a copy of our commemorative book. Melissa Albertson, MDA Communications Director, has been pouring over the archive this past year and working with the publisher to create a wonderful keepsake.

The book is in the final production stages and will be shipped in early December. Please note! A limited quantity is being ordered. Copies will be available only for those pre-orders placed by November 13 and for any additional copies, only while supplies last.

Thanks for the role you have played or will play in the life of the MDA. Join me in celebrating 150 years of organized dentistry in Missouri! Cheers!



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