Welcome D1s to UMKC

Getting into dental school is competitive. Getting started in dental school could be overwhelming. Finding people to support you can be golden.

We tried to acknowledge and promote all that at the Welcome Reception for First Year Dental Students hosted by the Greater Kansas City Dental Society and sponsored by MDIS and Medical Protective.

Teocali’s bar just down the street was the setting for a brief gathering to say “congratulations and we are here to help you” to the class of 2019. While the whole class was invited and there were drink coupons and Royals playoff baseball on TV, the turnout was less than expected because of a big test the next day. Oh … the power of looming performance and pressure! Still we had a great time on a lovely day to meet some of the rising stars and future members of the MDA.

And of course we played Squatto or Lotto, the game that is sweeping the nation (at least we think it should). Students are given $1 scratcher tickets and then random people are selected to either keep their ticket or trade for a suitcase with unknown contents. Most everyone chooses to forego their ticket and end up choosing a suitcase (held in this case by one of our member male models!). They are rewarded with gift cards ranging in value up to $50. If their relinquished scratcher is a winner, we donate the money to the Dental Well Being Foundation. We’d like to thank Jereme from Brazito who unknowingly donated $77 to the DWBF. Good for him! Plus he won a $50 gift card so he can’t whine too much.

20151020_174210_resized  IMG_5415

IMG_5416  IMG_5417


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