Burrito Mania Launches FFT

Take 160 burritos, add dental students, stir in a great speaker and sprinkle cash and prizes on top and you have a winning recipe for MDA’s Food For Thought (FFT) program.

Yesterday we launched FFT at UMKC for this school year with a few changes. Student membership is free so every student is now a member (439 total) but budget and space make these lunch time interactions with MDA members a first come, first serve premium event.

The line sneaked way down the hallway but we were able to get everybody fed and seated leaving no crumbs or empty seats. There’s something about Chipolte. It creates a zombie-like attraction. But we had more to offer the good mixture of students from all four classes than burritos and chips.

Dr. Michael Lear (UMKC 2014) was our speaker. He shared about his choice to go with a large practice (9 dentists, 40 staff) right out of school. He also shared his five tips for getting started. He was genuine and energetic and happily fielded a lot of good questions from curious students. We feel this aspect of bringing “real life dentistry” to the students is one way we show MDA’s value. We want students to know that MDA and MDIS (our generous FFT sponsor) are here to help them succeed from D1 infancy to retirement glory.

And to top it all, off we gave away lots of cash and prizes. Who doesn’t love to win? We have even started pushing our Twitter presence by giving prizes to people who tweeted about the event with #MDAMDIS4ME. Follow us @modentalassn and @MDIS4DDS. And make sure you are in line early for our next FFT on November 17 with Dr. Fallon Stiens (UMKC 2013).

IMG_4342  IMG_5412

IMG_5411  IMG_5409

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