Don’t Walk Alone … The Power of Community

In 2011, October was officially designated as National Substance Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. It is a time when people all over the country — adults, young adults, people in recovery, parents, family and friends — join together to bring awareness to the growing problem of substance abuse in America.

The 2015 theme for National Substance Abuse Prevention Awareness Month is “Unleashing the Collective Power of Communities”. By working together, communities have the power to make a difference in this area of health.

Dentistry is not immune to these struggles. Often the business pressure and isolation factor can lead to unhealthy habits and problems that are too hard to manage and may eventually jeopardize all you have worked to build. We want you to know you are not alone. The Dental Well Being Program is here to help impaired providers recover. The Dental Well Being Foundation pf the MDA is taking steps to promote wellness and prevention. Both offer resources to help you or someone in your practice or family. We want to provide the sense of community which is so powerful in overcoming substance abuse and related issues. Find a friend and find more resources at



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