No Insurance Against the Relentless March of Time

Today at the office we took a brief moment to celebrate a milestone with some sugar and some laughs. Greg Russell, our beloved leader at MDIS, turned 60 years of age.

He’s the office pacesetter so naturally we showed him love and respect by wearing black and ribbing him ruthlessly. You can tell by his smile that he loved every minute of it. He was lured to Vicki’s office under the pretense of business and then we surprised him with cake and brownies as he came back down the hall. I dare say we pulled it off magnificently. Word has it that he will get a second, perhaps more intrusive, surprise when he gets in his truck later today. HA HA!

Those who know Greg professionally know what a great job he does for MDA members via MDIS. Those who know Greg personally know what a warm and fun loving person he is. Join us in wishing Greg a Happy 60th Birthday.



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