Perspectives on Health

Late last week I attended the ADA’s State Well Being Program Conference in Chicago.

The event allows groups like the Missouri Well Being Program and the Dentist Well Being Foundation to connect with a panel of national experts and discuss professional impairment resources and perspectives on health. I had not been since I was an MDA newbie in 2011. It was much more meaningful this time as I had context for synthesizing the materials and establishing relationships with like-minded people.

The conference kicked off with a presentation on how to rally people to your cause. It was cool to sit in the ADA Board room and soak up good content from our presenter, Rebecca Farley. The next day was 8 hours of drinking from the fire hose as I tried to ingest all the ideas and how they may work in Missouri. I left exhausted.

IMG_5269 IMG_5267

I tip my hat to Dr. Joseph Unger, Chair of the Council on Dental Practice Act for his oversight of this relatively small but very important event.



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