Lotto or Squatto?

Have you ever played Lotto or Squatto? It’s all the rage among dental students. The odd game is the mastermind of Stacey Kloeppel, MDA Membership Manager.

It uses the “Deal or No Deal” motif of numbered suitcases to help students decide if they wish to keep their free Lotto Scratcher ticket or trade it for what’s in the case which is being held by local dental dignitaries depending on where we have our event.

Last night the game was a big success as we joined with the Northeast Dental Society at a Welcome Student Reception for first and second year students at MOSDOH. About 60 folks, including local NEDS members, came to the Dukum Inn for good food and beverage and a chance to network as we introduced students to organized dentistry. This is a great way to make a first impression.

It was a good night and I salute ATSU, NEDS, and sponsors Patterson and Colgate for making it happen.






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