DWBF Chair Speaks at Patient Safety Conference

It was a real treat for me to listen to Dr. Bill Kane address the 2015 Missouri Patient Safety Joint Regulatory Conference today.

In a jam packed Capitol Plaza ballroom, he spoke to 300+ lawyers, social workers, psychiatrists, regulatory board members, and others in attendance. His topic was Patient Safety and Impaired Patients. Dr. Kane hit it out of the park!

His presentation was far reaching, well documented, and easily applicable for people dealing with impaired patients at any point on the healthcare continuum. Dr. Kane’s genuine concern and personal experience gave the session a real gravitas. Judging by the lengthy Q&A session, his topic hit a nerve.

While this is good news on its own merit, it’s one more positive building block in our effort to bring impairment into the light and showcase the necessity of having good, helpful resources not only for recovery but also for early identification and prevention.

The opportunity to speak reflects the hard work and respect Dr. Kane has earned through years of faithful service to the Well Being movement. And it opens door for our new wellness focused mission to advance. This type of exposure is priceless and Dr. Kane seized the moment wonderfully. Kudos to him. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

IMG_5197 IMG_5199


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